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Policy Research, Advocacy & Campaigns

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IRDF's advocacy focuses on the people's agenda for food sovereignty, agrarian reform and economic justice.  IRDF's work looks into the impact of neo-liberal globalization on small farmers , women, artisanal fishers and indigenous peoples and  presents reforms in policies and institutions governing agriculture and food production, distribution and consumption based on the principles of food sovereignty and human rights. It seeks to build a consensus among civil society organizations (CSOs) and social movements on how food sovereignty and food security can be achieved and works at building cooperation to improve the capacity of CSOs in building strong social movements working for lasting policy changes and in engaging governments, inter-governmental bodies and other actors.


Policy Research

IRDF’s research consists of analytical work on multilateral agreements specifically trade and investment agreements, IFI loans and policies as well as government policies and regulation in agriculture, food, environment and trade. The studies also look into and analyze the impact of neo-liberal globalization on agrarian and agriculture economies, discuss the impoverisation of poor peasants and the social structures and relations that perpetuate inequalities and social injustice and identify viable alternatives to the current corporate-driven food and agriculture system.

Advocacy and Campaigns

IRDF’s advocacy and campaign work encompasses campaigns, legislative lobbying, and engaging government agencies in policy dialogues.  At the national level, IRDF campaigns against the liberalization of Philippine agriculture, government’s over reliance on food imports, lack of support for local agriculture and the privatization of the National Food Authority and irrigation services. IRDF also campaigns against agribusiness expansion and the corporatization of agriculture that further promote unsustainable export-oriented production systems and result in greater deprivation and displacement of small-scale peasants.  At the local level, IRDF assists local struggles in addressing issues of land grabbing, land distribution and tenure, ancestral domain rights of indigenous peoples, commercial logging and mining, small fishers' access to municipal waters, and the people's access to water, and other basic social services.


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