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About us

Vision, Mission and Goals

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Vision IRDF envisions a socially just, equitable, sovereign, progressive,  sustainable and gender fair Philippine society where Filipinos are enjoying their basic and fundamental human rights.

Mission IRDF’s mission is to contribute to the empowerment and  social and economic upliftment of marginalized rural sectors by strengthening grassroots associations and their initiatives for food sovereignty, social justice, sustainable agriculture, gender equality and environmental justice.




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The Integrated Rural Development Foundation of the Philippines (IRDF), is a national NGO that has worked and partnered with communities and organizations of smallholders, fishers, women, indigenous peoples, agricultural workers and youth in the pursuit of social, economic and environmental justice as well as the promotion of gender equality. It started as a, livelihood support institution for farmer federations in 1989 and has since then actively engaged in national and international advocacies for food security and food sovereignty and contributed to the empowerment of grassroots communities and basic sectors in the economic, social, political and cultural spheres. 

IRDF's core program seeks to build the capacity of the rural poor to gain greater access to and control of their land, water, seeds, biodiversity, forest and other productive resources through knowledge generation, networking, advocacy, campaigns and trainings.  It fosters empowerment of basic sectors especially in governance and policy processes. IRDF likewise supports farmer-initiated agriculture innovations and grassroots projects that aim to raise rural incomes and expand access to economic opportunities of the poor especially women. IRDF also contributes to building disaster-resilient communities through disaster preparedness, response, prevention and mitigation.

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Unit 503 Fil-Garcia Tower, 
140 Kalayaan Avenue, 
Quezon City 1100 Philippines

Telephone #: (+63 2) 426 5518
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