As part of our main program, IRDF, Inc. supports small and medium-sized enterprises like the Sorsogon Pili Producers Cooperative (SPPC) in their efforts to address food security for all of their cooperative members and lower the poverty level.————–

During the peak Pili nut harvest season in Sorsogon, there is an incredible opportunity to directly buy Pili nuts from the farmers themselves. This is what the Sorsogon Pili Producers Cooperative (SPPC) is doing now. The SPPC serves as a hub where local farmers bring their freshly harvested Pili nuts for processing and distribution. The SPPC can purchase 12 sacks of pili drupe per day or one truckload.

Fresh agriculture graduates from Irosin and nearby municipalities have been helping SPPC in depulping the tons of pili nuts it bought from member farmers. SPPC business has not only increased market access for pili growers but have also given jobs to young people in the communities.

The process of depulping and cleaning shelled nuts involves washing and sorting to remove any debris or damages, soaking nuts in clean water to soften the pulp, removal of pulp and drying. Once dried the shelled nuts can last until one year.

Many micro, small and medium enterprises have flourished from pili nut and pili oil making.

Pili pulp which is black has a unique yummy taste when cooked fresh, while it’s nut which turns greenish and white is creamier than macadamia.

SPPC operates a trading post and processes pili at its warehouse located at Sitio Umagom, Bgy Gulang-gulang. They can be contacted through mobile number 09468621128