Establishment of Coconut Nurseries under IRDF-L3F-Franklin Baker Project

Published Jul 20, 2021

Under the Integrated Rural Development Foundation’s “Livelihoods and Building the Resilience of Coconut Farmers in the Philippines”, coconut seedlings nurseries are established for coconut seedlings’ hardening, acclimatization, appropriate fertilization, weed control, and protection from pest and diseases. Marking and numbering of the palms for identification and ease of inspection and monitoring are also practiced to keep inventory of the quality and quantity of coconut seedlings to be nursed. Coconut seedlings had been purchased from the local coconut seedling propagators that produce quality seedlings within Sta. Maria Davao Occidental. A total of 2,000 seed nuts been added to the established nursery that will be ready for distribution after acclimatization and hardening.