IRDF Sustainable Agriculture Farm

Published Jun 22, 2012

IRDF believes that agrarian reform is central to development of the rural sector in the Philippines and other countries still saddled with a similar old mode of agricultural production. This mode is characterised by concentration of land ownership in the landed gentry, primitive land tenure arrangements such share cropping or leasehold, merchant monopoly and monopsony of inputs and agricultural products respectively, usury. The green revolution superimposed chemical based agriculture on this old farming system and resulted in an intensification of the old forms of unequal relations between the mass of small peasants and the traditional as well as new rural elites. Increased productivity did not improve the lives of peasant families due to the intensification of exploitation – higher land rent, usury and merchant monopoly profits through their control of inputs and farm produce markets. Please click here to download the whole document IRDF Demo Farm.