IRDF conducts Organizational Management and Leadership Training for Cooperatives

Published Aug 1, 2021

IRDF COCO3 staff facilitated the Organizational Management and Leadership Training (OMLT) with all the 23 officers and staff of Bansalan Cooperative Society Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BCS –MPC).
The activity was done last March 3,2021 at the highlands of Sitio Balutakay, Barangay Managa in Bansalan, Davao Del Sur.

The coop was organized in 1967 and has already attended a lot of training from various government agencies and also from other organizations but this activity made a lot of realization from them. Some of them who gave feedbacks at the end of the session expressed the importance of instilling the clearest VISION, MISSION AND GOALS in mind to ensure that every member will always be reminded of his her duties and responsibilities towards achieving common goals.