IRDF Kidapawan prepares cacao seedlings for intercropping in coconut farms

Published Aug 25, 2021

More than 1,500 cacao seedlings were grafted in the nursery of IRDF Kidapawan, intended to be distributed to coconut farmers. 

 The IRDF Nursery Model Center of IRDF Kidapawan grafted a total of 1,538 cacao seedlings which are comprised by 3 different cacao varieties such as UF18, BR25, and W10. These planting materials are intended for distribution to coconut farmers in order for them to intercrop and maximize their farm lands, as well as to provide an additional source of income. The nursery, accomplished under the “Restoring Livelihoods and Building Resilience of Coconut Farmers in the Philippines” project, also serves as demo center where farmer leaders are trained to enhance their knowledge and skills in plant propagation.